StatClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit 1.6 Gallons




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Ultrasonic cleaner for your Steri-Center. Its 1.6-gallon tank is large enough to hold a variety of dental instruments, and the glass-panel self-docking lid is durable, reliable, and resistant to water and harsh chemicals. The 4.5-mm-thick wall housing, made from engineering-grade plastic, makes it one of the quietest ultrasonic units on the market. Two industrial-grade ultrasonic transducers provide uniform distribution of ultrasonic waves, strong cleaning, and high durability. The independent control circuits for each transducer increase cleaning efficiency by 40% over other ultrasonic units. Two ceramic heaters are mounted under the tank for safe and even heating, while the 2 cooling fans improve heat dissipation. The 3-color LED display accurately shows the 1–30-minute timer and 5 temperature settings. The LED display also allows users to easily view the actual temperature of the tank’s solution and the solution’s usage timer. The easy-to-access drainage valve eliminates the need to manually empty a tank of solution, eliminating the possibly of spills and a messy cleanup. 2-year warranty.
Tank Size: 12.7" x 8.1" x 3.9"
External Dimensions: 20.3" x 12.0" x 9.4"
Weight: 19 Lb.