Regisil PB Refill

Caulk - Regisil PB Refill

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Regisil PB Bite Registration Material is designed for accurate interocclusal records of bite registration. Regisil PB Bite Registration Material offers minimum resistance to the patient’s jaw closure. This minimizes deviation of the mandible and aids in producing consistently accurate centric relation records. This bite registration material accurately records occlusal details, enabling the dentist and lab technician to easily seat models with a slight amount of elasticity. This also aids in accurately seating models and dies by minimizing interferences from convex tooth surfaces. Regisil PB gives fine detail, hardness and plaster-like consistency in just 90 seconds. The cartridge delivery makes it easy to dispense. The no-flow formula makes it simple to use, no matter what technique you prefer, including preoccluded registrations.

Refill contains: 4 (50 ml) pink cartridges and 12 teal mixing tips